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Your app accompanies your lessons with your teacher and helps you get the most from learning the piano.

Available for all ages, at every level, on each program.

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Piano for Enjoyment

CanKnowPiano™ is for beginners, returners, and continuers who want to get the most enjoyment playing piano.

Our lessons are friendly for children and for adult learners.

We enable a 'can-do' attitude, develop confidence, and help you achieve your creative dreams!

Our approach is simple.

We offer:

Piano lessons to develop your creativity and expression

Tutorials on our app for the knowledge and skills you need

Music lessons that are led by your tastes and values.

CanKnowPiano™ provides all the advantages of learning with a real teacher, with an educational app to guide and to inspire you.

Our tutorials give you the skills you need to play the music everyone wants to learn, including:

✔ pop songs

(songs you'll actually recognise!)

✔ playing chords

✔ film music

✔ game music

Our app also includes courses and techniques on how to effectively:

✔ practise for best progress

✔ write your own music

✔ read music

​✔ improvise

We also teach you how to:

✔ Defeat social media (and video streaming) time-sucks with creative skills

✔ Overcome frustrations with a fresh skillset that actually works

✔ A reason to stick it out when it gets challenging

✔ Structure your learning at the right pace for your goals

Lessons with CanKnowPiano™ are unique because we create infinitely more value than learning with a teacher, an app, or self-learning alone.

Discover your true creative potential and book your lesson today!

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