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Minis Program

Any parent can enable their child to learn to play the piano using CanKnowPiano™, because we provide the resources, the knowledge, and the guidance your child needs to get the most enjoyment from learning to play the piano creatively.

As a parent, we know you want to give your child the best opportunity in life to get them off to a head start. You’ve been reading to you child, singing songs with them, and putting on their favourite tunes in the car – but you feel there is still more you can help them with. You wish you had more time, more patience, and even more skill to help them with their learning and development – and you wonder if they really are getting the best opportunities.

This is all understandable since your child is going through a time in life were they are most able to learn life-long skills effectively. In fact, waiting even a few years costs them the opportunity to develop their emotional, intellectual, social, coordination, and language skills at an essential time of their lives. This means that giving them the opportunity to learn now enables them to become the well-rounded, balanced, and happy person that they can and will become.

We saw this when one of our parents – Yvonne – started her daughter into piano lessons five years ago now. Initially, Yvonne was concerned that her daughter was losing concentration in lessons, and she told us that sometimes she wondered if the monthly cost was worth it. She doubted her skills as a parent since she just saw what she saw – though she didn’t always know how to guide her child though this. That’s when we started making our at-home guides for Yvonne and for our other parents – so they could anticipate what progress looked like, and so Yvonne could play around with her daughter on the piano at home.

The effect was quick and simple: it took just a few months for Yvonne to see that her daughter was learning skills intuitively that were becoming a natural part of her development. Her daughter was playing little songs by herself, picking out the notes by ear, and loving every minute of it! Yvonne knew that the lessons were paying off when she could see her daughter was able to learn songs by herself, and that it was fun for her to play and for her friends and family to listen to. Yvonne felt she could just let her daughter get on with it, though she appreciated having moments here and there were she could join in and offer her daughter the guidance she needed. Today, Yvonne’s daughter is a happy and independent learner, and she’s enjoying the little yet significant opportunities that come each day because of learning to play the piano.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get:

Your child will be guided during their 20-minute weekly piano lesson through fun musical games and characters that develop their understanding of rhythm, pitch, notes, finger numbers and pattern recognition. Their lessons are designed to make learning the piano seem like a game so they don’t even realise they are learning! This helps you and them so that piano feels like play time - not homework or a chore! You’ll get tips each week through our app that help you naturally guide your child with their learning when they have questions or want to learn a particular piece of music. You’ll be able to teach them to play their favourite nursery rhymes and TV shows, as well as guide them through the little challenges they’ll soon overcome.

There is no better time for your child to start piano lessons! You now have the opportunity to help them develop life-long skills that they will thank you for, and that you’ll thank yourself for. Don’t waste the best opportunity your child has to develop their skills. You should book your trial lesson now by clicking the ‘back’ button and then selecting the ‘Book Piano Lesson’ button. Select your preferred lesson time and book.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you give your child the opportunity of a lifetime!


Emily Brown

We started lessons with CanKnowPiano™ because we wanted to give our daughter the opportunity my partner and I never had. My sister played when we were younger, and I always admired (envied?) her musical ability! She gave up piano after a few years and always regretted it, so we wanted to give our daughter the best start so playing piano would be natural for her.

We really appreciate the fresh weekly materials that come with the lessons and app, and this gives us the opportunity to enjoy piano with our daughter at home between lessons.

At the start, we were concerned that we would end up committing to something our daughter didn’t like, but our teacher assured us we could stop lessons any time. We notice our daughter’s interest and confidence building each week, and we’ve found lessons to be great value for money. We plan to buy our youngest the CanKnowPiano™ Gift Card to give him the same opportunity.

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