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Piano Lessons Arlington Heights, Chicago

Christian Yi Piano Teacher

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Hello, my name is Christian. I am a musician and educator. As a musician with both an educational foundation and an experienced working musician, I am a very fun and revenant teacher. I make sure students get an individual lesson plan and help them to their goals, no matter age, background, or experience level. I teach students both to read and play by ear, in all genres. I use various method books, including Yamaha, Hanon, Phillips, and so much more! For lessons, I take students of all ages, via Zoom. If within reasonable distance, I could accommodate an in-person lesson at someone’s home, but would need to be agreed upon first. Students will need a piano or keyboard for lessons, as well as a notebook and any materials discussed over time. All students are welcome — just come ready and prepared and willing to learn!

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Lessons range from just $89 to $178 each month.


45 lessons each year.

>4 lessons each month (average).

30, 45, or 60-minute lesson duration.


Take at least 3 months of instruction (recommended).

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My Area: Arlington Heights, IL, 60004

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