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April is an award-winning Boston-based actor, singer, pianist, educator, and collaborator. Since my earliest memories, my passion for both soccer and music has burned brightly within me, igniting a fervor that began at the tender age of six. Little did I imagine then that these twin passions would become integral facets of my life's journey. From the exhilarating days of receiving scholarships for soccer and music during my undergraduate years at New Mexico Highlands University, to the pinnacle of achieving my graduate degree in Musical Theatre Pedagogy at the esteemed Boston Conservatory at Berklee—my dream school—it's been a remarkable odyssey beyond the realms of my imagination.


April teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced classical, pop and rock with an emphasis on theory and technique and science-based pedagogy using Alfred music book methods. It is very important to have a piano or keyboard for use at lessons as well as practice. 

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