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My name is Petrina Wong and I am a passionate teacher who is dedicated to helping students achieve their musical goals. I specialize in Classical music and teach students from the age of 5 to adults and seniors. I use various techniques to help my students understand music theory, appreciate music, and learn the control of their bodies and the piano. My students love how I use storytelling and analogies to make abstract concepts easy to remember and digest. My lessons are fun, engaging, and tailored to the students’ level.


Beginners usually start with the Piano Adventures series and gradually move on to Classical pieces according to their level. I am experienced in the Royal Conservatory of Music Curriculum and the Certificate of Merit Curriculum, allowing students to participate in piano and theory examinations when they feel ready to challenge themselves. 


To start lessons, students need access to an acoustic piano or a full-size 88-key weighted digital piano for the first year of lessons. I offer both in-person and online lessons at my studio in Chino, CA. If you are interested, please sign up a free trial lesson with me!

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Lessons range from just $109 $218 each month.


45 lessons each year.

>4 lessons each month (average).

30, 45, or 60-minute lesson duration.


Take at least 3 months of instruction (recommended).

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My Area: Chino, CA, 91708

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