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Ever since a young age, I have been passionate about music. Playing the piano and learning to express myself through music has allowed me to connect to my authentic voice. This is the main gift I wish to pass on to my students. By creating a safe, supportive, and fun learning environment, we are able to foster a deeper connection to self, empowering each student to discover their true expression. My 30 years of training in classical, jazz, and popular music, plus 20 years experience teaching serves to provide a wealth of experience for me to share with my students. I take the time to learn each students’ individual learning style and cater to their needs. We will cover all aspects of music from sight reading to music theory, ear training, improvisation, composition, and performance technic. See results fast! Start playing all your favorite songs and build confidence while accomplishing your musical goals.

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Lessons range from just $89 to $178 each month.


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