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Megan Cavazos Piano Teacher

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Megan Cavazos, a music educator with a Bachelor's degree in music education from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, offers comprehensive lessons in voice and piano. With a focus on classical, musical theatre (voice only), and pop genres for beginners, Megan fosters a supportive environment for students of all ages, utilizing instructional methods like Kodaly and Orff. Megan's teaching repertoire includes private and group lessons in voice, piano, middle and high school choir, beginner classes, music theory, and appreciation. Emphasizing the importance of creating a safe space for learning, Megan prioritizes treating students as individuals first and musicians second. Drawing from personal experience and a lifelong passion for music, Megan believes in the potential of every student to learn and grow. Grateful for the opportunity to guide students on their musical journey, Megan encourages prospective piano students to have access to a piano or keyboard and a stable internet connection for online lessons.

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