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I have studied Classical piano from a professional touring Concert Pianist named Jan Gorbaty who came to the United States back in the 1950’s. My lessons were held at his piano studio in Carnegie Hall in NYC. With Jan I studied Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and many other classical pieces. After College, I branched out and studied Jazz, Blues, Rock, Latin, and Broadway Style . I have been playing the piano for well over 50 years and teaching for over 25 years . I am a very patient teacher who likes to get to know her students.


I like my students to set goals and I really enjoy helping them to achieve their goals. I can also assess quickly, what may be the cause of your song or piece not sounding properly. It could be your fingering in the piece, it could be your rhythm and timing, your dynamics. I like my students to pick out their songs or pieces that they are passionate about learning as these are the songs that they will practice. I also help students build their confidence. Students come to me to study piano because they will reach their goals and obtain their desired results and become inspired. I like to teach kids, teens, adults and seniors. The genres I teach would be all ; Classical , Jazz, Blues, Country, Folk, Pop, Rock, Broadway, Latin , Movie Themes.


I prefer my students to have a keyboard or a piano before we start classes. I use a variety of teaching methods, but the teaching Method books I like are the Faber and Faber Series. I also use Hanon Exercise and other Technique Books. I also like to teach one on one, on line lessons or group lessons which sometimes happens in a school setting, also online.

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