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Piano Lessons Oldbridge, New Jersey

 David Guillaume Piano Teacher

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I started teaching music as a student at the Berklee College of Music. I met a ton of vocalists who were skilled musicians but didn’t have the ability to accompany themselves on Guitar or Piano. It was then that I discovered my passion for teaching and helping others to express themselves through their music. Students come to me because they love music. My students are creative, curious, and have a strong desire to learn all about the piano. I have a background in songwriting and music for TV/Radio so I often incorporate different writing prompts into our classes to make sure that we are learning and applying our music theory. I primarily teach Classical, Pop Music, Rock, Country, Folk/Americana, and Christian Contemporary to beginners and intermediate players of all ages. As far as instructional methods go I use Suzuki - as well as a few Hanon exercises depending on our personal goals. I don’t have a personal preference between keyboard and piano. Having an instrument on the first lesson could help us get off to a faster start, but I wouldn’t say it is mandatory. We will review sight reading and rhythms at first if the player is an absolute beginner and does not yet own a piano.I currently teach remotely, but I am willing to travel within the Central NJ Area.

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My Area: Oldbridge, New Jersey, 08857

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