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Piano Lessons Westchase, Tampa

Aidana Aneshova Piano Teacher

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My name is Aidana and I'm a highly experienced piano teacher. I've been teaching for 13 years. I'm a laureate of many international competitions and my students went through the same experience as me.


As a Piano teacher, I can assist in various educational capacities. I can offer lessons on music theory, instrument techniques, music history, and more. With access to a vast repository of information and the ability to generate personalized responses, I can adapt to the needs of individual students and provide tailored guidance.


I draw from a variety of instructional methods and techniques to create a well-rounded learning experience. I incorporate elements of the Suzuki method, which focuses on ear training, listening, and developing a strong musical foundation from a young age. I also teach using traditional or classical piano methods, which include studying classical repertoire, music theory, sight-reading, and technical exercises.


Above all, I tailor my teaching methods and lesson plans to suit each student's goals, learning style, and musical preferences. Whether teaching beginners, intermediate students, advanced pianists, adults, or children, I adapt my approach to ensure a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience.


I have the pleasure of teaching piano to students of diverse backgrounds, including beginners and seasoned players of all ages and a variety of genres including Classical, Jazz, Pop, and more, catering to each student's musical interests and goals.


One of the wonderful aspects of my teaching approach is that students don't need to have a piano right away to start learning. For those without immediate access to an instrument, we explore alternative learning methods during lessons and discuss options for practice at home, such as digital pianos, keyboard rentals, or practice apps.


I offer piano lessons both in person and online, allowing students to choose the option that suits them best for convenient and personalized learning.

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30, 45, or 60-minute lesson duration.


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My Area: Westchase, Tampa, FL, 33626

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