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#PlayPianoNow! Program

Any beginner, returner, or continuer can learn to play the piano using CanKnowPiano™, because we provide the resources, the knowledge, and the guidance you need to get the most enjoyment from learning to play the piano creatively.

You may have tried learning the piano before, but there just never seemed to be the right time to start. You may have even had lessons with the local teacher, or tried learning from an app – but you found you only got so far. You just didn’t see the progress and enjoyment you wanted – and the teachers and apps always seemed to teach their way, not help you learn what you are interested in! You just want to learn the piano in a way that is simple, creative, and fun.

You’re now ready for something different – something that actually works! Take a moment now and write down the cost of typical piano lessons. Let’s say you took 41 lessons (roughly one year of lessons) at £35 per hour. Your lessons would have cost you £1,435 – and what do you have to show for it?


We feel your pain, and you’ll be glad to know – there is a better way! Our piano lessons give you the guidance, confidence, and skills you need to learn the music you actually want to play. We know that you want to develop your enjoyment of playing piano so that you can learn to play with confidence, with independence, and with ease. In one year, you’ll have saved time, saved money, and you’ll be able to think creatively and play your favourite music on the piano!

When you start piano lessons with CanKnowPiano™, you’ll learn how to overcome social media and video-steaming time-sucks, how to overcome frustrations with a fresh skillset that actually works, and how to structure your learning at the right pace for your goals. You’ll be able to create an escape for yourself and for others, and your friends and family will love to hear you play!

This was the case with our student, William. When William started lessons, he absolutely fell in love with playing the piano! He took lessons as a kid, though he didn’t really enjoy them that much. Now, he can easily play chords and riffs – and he achieved Grade 1 piano with flying colours! His wife has been playing the piano for years, and William was impressed to be able to teach her a few things on playing with feeling, as well as the best techniques to learn a piece from scratch. This worked for William and hundreds of other CanKnowPiano™ students, and it’ll work for you too!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get:

You’ll receive 30 minutes of lessons with your teacher and 30 minutes of lessons on the CanKnowPiano™ app spread over 41 weeks of the year. We’ll cover playing songs you’ll actually recognise: including pop songs, playing chords, film music, and game music – as well as how to practise for best progress, write your own music, read music, and improvise. Our app has given hundreds of learners like you access to high-quality, affordable lessons – helping you make progress and save time, effort, and money. We’ve effectively reduced your lesson cost to under £25 per hour, saving you hundreds of pounds each year in lesson cost alone and giving you the resources to help you discover your true creative potential.

Take advantage of this offer now and book your piano lesson! You won’t find a better opportunity to learn the piano for enjoyment than with CanKnowPiano™. Save yourself hours of effort learning with a teacher or app alone, and book your lesson to receive an integrated and bespoke service which offers the best of both! To book your trial lesson, click the ‘back’ button followed by ‘Book Piano Lesson’. Select your preferred lesson time and book.

We look forward to getting to know you and helping you discover and uncover your musical tastes and values – book now!


William Hillman

I decided to start piano lessons again when I met my wife. Her family are really musically inclined, and it made my skills look pretty basic! To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy piano lessons when I was a kid - though my Grandad was a great player - so I wanted a teacher who could help me fall in love with playing the piano (not just get the notes right).

Returning to playing the piano has been like riding a bike. My teacher is really kind, energetic, and relatable – which is exactly what I needed to get back into playing! I loved working towards Grade 1, and I loved the achievement of passing it last month. I can easily mess around with chords and riffs now – as well as learn some songs by ear.

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