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Too Late To Learn Piano? It's Never Too Late!

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

One of the biggest misconceptions of learning the piano is that we must start when we are young. Of course, like most things, it can be helpful to start young. However, like most things when we are young: there is so much to learn! Conflicting interests can take centre stage, from competing after-school activities to arranging pickups and drop-offs. The question becomes: when is the right time to start learning the piano?

Perhaps the question ought to be: is there a right time to start learning the piano? Not according to Pam Wedgwood. Her book, ‘It’s Never Too Late To Learn Piano’ is a great resource for anyone starting out on their piano journey. Pam’s book is clear: the right time to learn piano is now! It’s packed with step-by-step learning that is incredibly well paced: never too fast, and never too slow. It’s also a great book for anyone who has been playing the piano on-and-off for some years and who wants to get back into playing.

Gareth Hughes playing 'Valley of The Kings' from It's Never Too Late To Play Piano

If you want a bit of a challenge, try Rachmaninov’s Moment Musicaux No. 5 in D-flat major. This incredibly beautiful and serene piece is guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment at the piano! There are many recordings of this piece on YouTube, including one by CanKnowPiano™ student and retiree-learner Simon Nichol. It’s never too late to learn piano!

Simon Nichol playing Rachmaninov's Moment Musicaux No. 5 in D-flat major

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