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Three Top Tips To Get Your Toddler Started On The Piano

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Let’s start at the very beginning – a very good place to start! Do you remember Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music (1965)? It turns out that the song ‘Doe, a deer – a female deer…’ is more than just a song! It is based on a fun and educational musical system called ‘solfege’. By helping your child learn this song, you’ll give them a great start!

Next, get your toddler a musical instrument set. This will teach them to experiment with sounds, as well as to learn the fundamentals of pitch and rhythm. This means tapping rhythms on claves (musical sticks) – and having them tap the rhythm, too. You can also play little songs and nursery rhymes on a xylophone and have them sing or play it back. This develops their musical skills well before they even touch a piano! Finally, let them loose on the piano – or get them a keyboard to get started. Your toddler will love banging away on the piano. Let them! This is a great way for them to learn by experimenting. They are developing a positive and creative way to manage their emotions.

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