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Protégé Program

Any beginner, returner, or continuer can learn to play the piano using CanKnowPiano™, because we provide the resources, the knowledge, and the guidance you need to get the most enjoyment from learning to play the piano creatively.

You may have tried 30-minute lessons, but you feel they are not quite long enough to cover what you need. You know a 60-minute lesson is necessary so that you feel settled into lessons. You see that this will help you not only now, but when you take the higher grades (Grades 5 to 8). You want your lessons to feel balanced so that you can make steady progress on each of the aspects of your playing that you want and need to develop.

We get it! Whether you are a beginner who prefers to have a longer lesson or a more advanced learner who is working towards Grade 5 or above, a 60-minute lesson will help you avoid a number of common problems. The first is the amount of time it can take to play through a piece – longer pieces take more time to work through, and so a shorter lesson will mean you lose valuable lesson time on that piece. A shorter lesson can also mean you lose the opportunity to really work through something in detail in the lesson – so you unnecessarily spend more time practising it yourself at home. This all reduces your chances to achieve Distinction in Grade 8 – which is absolutely possible for you right now!

Our Protégé Program enables you to achieve Distinction in Grade 8 by giving you the fullest lesson experience. It allows you to work through what you need with your teacher as well as to consolidate your knowledge in order to refine your playing to the highest level. This is currently the case with our student, Ella. Ella had some lessons with another teacher before starting with CanKnowPiano™. She decided she needed a 60-minute lesson when she realised that really learning theory and technique well helped her make progress.

She could see her confidence growing each week as she gained the independence she needed to make progress whilst practising herself at home. She not only achieved Grade 8 with Distinction, but with a record-breaking mark of 147/150! This was because she had gained the tools that allowed her to progress effectively. Ella is now working towards her piano diploma, and hopes to become a teacher with CanKnowPiano™ within the next few years. She hopes to share her knowledge and skills with others, as well as to support herself and her young daughter. We’re rooting for Ella, and our program will help you achieve your creative dreams, too!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get:

You’ll receive 60-minute weekly lessons with your teacher as well as 30-minute weekly course lessons on our app that will help you consolidate your knowledge on music theory, practise technique, composition and improvisation. This knowledge will give you the tools you need to achieve a Distinction in Grade 8 so that you can play any piece of music on the piano! It will also set you up to achieve diplomas on the piano, which will enable you to receive performance and teaching opportunities. How many people do you know that have been able to turn their passion into a useful life skill? Our Protégé Program gives you just that!

So here it is – the opportunity of a lifetime to take your skills to the next level and to achieve your dreams! You can take this opportunity now, or you can cut lesson costs, stake the result of your grades, and increase your practise time. Either way, you’ll arrive somewhere when you take your next grade in the next 12 months. The question is: where would you like to arrive? Book your trial lesson now by clicking the ‘back’ button in your browser and selecting the ‘book piano lesson’ button. Select your preferred lesson time and book.

We can’t wait for you to discover your potential with our Protégé Program!

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