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Barbara Kaskinen Piano Teacher

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My background in music is varied and lifelong.  I started lessons very young, age 3, while sitting on my older sister’s piano teacher’s lap  By watching her lessons, I was able to pick up the piano with ease.  I was very fortunate!  However, this is not the case with most people.  It does take a skilled and caring teacher, a system of regular practice, and a time commitment.  Learning music involves many things, and each student should begin knowing that this will take some time.  We will get there together!


I have worked and studied though my Doctor of Musical Arts Degree which is is Piano Performance and Pedagogy and my other degrees were in Piano Performance and Teaching.  My work has been in private and college teaching, of private lessons, music history, music theory, music technology, adjudicating and accompanying.  I have worked in churches, schools, pop/rock bands and recording studios  I play many instruments, including guitar and electric bass guitar, and I  sing and write songs.  I have written 3 books on playing the electronic keyboard which were published by Hansen House in Miami.  Marquis’ Who’s Who has awarded me a long list of awards, for which I am grateful.


I teach all ages from 5 through 100, beginners through advanced and students returning to music study after a break from music study.  Lessons take place online. From the pandemic experience, we have all discovered how valuable online  learning can be.  It is convenient and safe!  Of course, you will need a computer or other compatible device and CanKnowPiano can guide you though this.


We use the Faber Piano Adventures books, particularly the Lesson and Performance and if desired, the theory books of the same series.  There is an adult version  by the same name that teenagers and adults would probably enjoy more. All are available through Amazon.  When the student is ready, we can branch off into your favorite styles whether it’s pop, classical, church music, video game music, etc.  Usually you have to play at the intermediate level for these songs.  It depends on what we can get the music for and the level you are on.  Christmas music comes in all levels, beginning through advanced.


Of course, you will need a piano or keyboard.  You can purchase keyboards, stands, and

keyboard letter stickers through Amazon.  Be sure to purchase a keyboard with at least 61 keys and I do recommend the stand.  The stool is up to you, for your comfort.


I believe students look forward to their lessons with me because the experience I’ve had over the years has given me a very effective  approach to teaching.  I really try to create a nurturing, supportive learning environment and think that I have developed lessons that produce satisfying results  We work together as a team and I firmly believe that music lessons should bring joy to your life and mine!

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