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Kate Melvin Piano Teacher

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I have experience teaching a wide variety of students – from the very early beginner just learning how to make sounds on the piano to an advanced student looking to cultivate a career in music. Because I am a devoted home school teacher, I have a special place in my heart for lessons with children and toddlers. I make sure to infuse my lessons with joy and creativity, ensuring that each student's musical journey is both enriching and enjoyable. I bring with me years of knowledge gained from working directly with gifted, twice exceptional, and neurodivergent learners. This keeps me keenly aware of the unique needs of each student. To start learning with me, no experience is required. But, a keyboard or a piano is a must. I’m free to meet you online, at your home, or in the dedicated and private learning space in my home for a one-on-one lesson or in a group setting. I am heavily trained in classical music with a later focus on jazz works. I will use these influences in my teaching but will also use an eclectic mix of methodology (Faber & Faber, Alfred’s, lead sheets, transpositions, and more) to facilitate your musical education.

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My Area: Palos Hills, Illinois, 60465

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