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These Terms and Conditions set out the contractual and legal relationship between the website owner (CanKnowPiano LLC) and the users of the site (User). 

General Information:

This site is run and maintained by CanKnowPiano LLC, registered in Arizona.

The registered business address for CanKnowPiano LLC is:

CanKnowPiano LLC

500 8th Avenue FRNT 3


Manhattan, NY 10018

United States

CanKnowPiano LLC is an education company offering piano lessons.

CanKnowPiano LLC operates under CanKnowPiano™, an Arizona-registered trademark.

CanKnowPiano™ can be reached at

Rights of Use and Access:

The User is automatically bound by the T&Cs when they use the site.

The User is given only a temporary right to use the site, only in accordance with the T&Cs, and only for his own personal use.

This right may be withdrawn without notice, and no liability exists if the website is unavailable at any time or for any period.

If the User is provided with an identification code or passwords, he must treat it as confidential and not disclose it to anybody else.

Contributions and Uploading of Material to the Website:

Any interactive features that allow a User to upload material to the site, or to make contact with other Users of the site, must comply with content standards as set out in the Acceptable Use Policy.


CanKnowPiano LLC reserve the right to disclose the User's identity to anybody claiming that material uploaded is infringing their intellectual property rights or their right to privacy.

CanKnowPiano LLC also retain the right to remove any material uploaded or posted by a User if the material doesn't comply with the content standards set out in the Acceptable Use Policy.

Reliance on Information Posted:

Any comments or other materials posted on the site cannot be relied on as advice, and any legal liability for any such reliance by the User or anybody else the User informs is excluded.

Intellectual Property:

CanKnowPiano LLC own all rights in the site, including all trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, videos, text, images, or software used to operate the site.

The User is not permitted to licence any parts of the site for his own commercial purposes without obtaining permission from CanKnowPiano LLC.

Data Protection:

The User's information is collected and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy for the site.

By using the site, the User consents to this collection and processing and promises that all information provided is accurate.

Links to Other Websites:

CanKnowPiano LLC is not responsible for links provided on the site to other sites.

CanKnowPiano LLC does not endorse or recommend any links to third-party sites, and any third-party links on the site are for informational purposes only.

No responsibility is given in respect of other sites, and CanKnowPiano LLC is not liable for any loss suffered as a result of visiting such sites.

CanKnowPiano LLC reserves the right to veto links to the site being made by Users.

Viruses, Hacking, and Other Offences:

This site may not be knowingly misused by introducing viruses, Trojans, or other material that is malicious or technologically harmful.

Unauthorised access isn't allowed to the site, server, or to any database connected to the site.

Any such actions are likely to be a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act, 1990.


CanKnowPiano LLC reserves the right to alter the T&Cs at any time.

Users are advised to check the T&Cs regularly.

Users are automatically bound by the T&Cs when such changes occur whether Users check the T&Cs or not.

Disclaimer of Liability:

CanKnowPiano LLC provide all information on the site on an 'as is' basis and give no responsibility about the accuracy or validity of the information.

CanKnowPiano LLC give no promise or 'warranty' in respect of any use of the site and its content including mistakes or omissions made.

Any reliance placed on the content of this website is at the User's own risk.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law:

All Terms of this site are governed by Arizona State Law.

If a dispute arises with a User, the Court will use Arizona State Law to resolve it.

Disputes can only be brought about in Arizona Courts.

Contact and Concerns:

The User may contact CanKnowPiano LLC at when the User has any concerns about the material appearing on this website.

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